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New Product

November 19

As Christmas is not that far way, we have released our new range of Christmas Fragrance Products.

Fill your home with the aromas of Christmas with, Christmas By The Sea, Christmas Eve – Christmas Bush, Christmas Cedar, and last but not least Christmas Day – Blackcurrant & Plum.

Head to our fragrance page for a full description of these delightful festive fragrances

All the following products will be made to order, Candles, Clam Shell Melts, Shot pots Melts and home diffusers.

August 19

Everyone loves a good Bath Bomb, so we have tried a few different recipes to find the best to use.

Our Bath Bombs recipe is one of the best around. With lots of testing we are very happy with the end product. You will find that our Bath Bombs are long lasting and smell divine, they will leave your skin soft and silky.

So its time to run a hot bath, drop a Bath Bomb in and watch as the top of the water gains a layer of foam, the water colours and the air is filled with the aroma of you favorite fragrance. Now time to lay back and relax.

July 19

Over the past few months we have been test our new Scented Laundry Washing Powder, and all we can say about it , it is amazing. Just a full scoop dose a load, if your clothes are extra dirty then add a extra 1/2 a scoop. You get roughly 20 loads out of our 1kg bucket.

We have tested in hot, warm and cold water and find for best results, wash in hot or warm water, but it workes just fine in cold water as that is what we wash our clothes in.

Another good part of this product is when you use up the last of the powder, you have a handy little bucket with a lid. So try it for yourself and and you will be able to feel how soft your clothes are and with your favourite scent.

June 19

It’s time for you to lay back in a nice warm bath with these relaxing Scented Bath Crystals. The main ingredient is Magnesium Sulfate which helps with aching muscles and softens your skin.

These Scented Bath Crystals come in two different sizes, a large which is 300g and a small which is 150g. Both sizes come with a wooden scoop.

Try it with some of our other products to make the ultimate relaxation , Light some of our scented tealights and place them around the bath, add 4 to 5 scoops of the Scented Bath Crystals and to finish it off, use our Scented Premium Body Wash which will leave your skin silky smooth.

Fragrance Of The Month

July 19

The fragrance for this month is one of our all time favourite fragrance, we just love it, we test all of our new products with. Our words do not do it justice as its just one of those fragrances that once you smell it, you will like or love it as we do.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla – A spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

June 19

This month we thought we would shine the light on this delightful fruity fragrance. This one has people very surprised with its fruity aroma, we can always tell when customers pick up this candle just by the look on their faces.

Monkey Farts – A bestseller in the US, this unique candle fragrance oil is a complex citrus blend that starts with a subtle base of vanilla, then layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango and bubblegum, finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries. With a name like that you can see why people just have to have a smell of it, we just say ‘think of what they eat’ but I must say it is one of our favourite fragrances. Check out our other fragrances by clicking the heading above.

With a name like that you can see why people just have to have a smell of it, we just say ‘think of what they eat’ but I must say it is one of our favourite fragrances. Check out our other fragrances by clicking the heading above.

Product Of The Month

July 19

Have you tried our Premium Body Wash? Well you are missing out as its the best we have ever used, yes, ok, we are a little biased towards our own products but you need to try it for yourself and see why we say that.

Our Premium Body Wash will have you smelling divine and your skin feeling soft and silky.

Don’t believe us then buy some and see for yourslef.

June 19

We are so excited to have this as one of our products. We just love how the aromas from the fragrance in our Carpet Freshener makes the room smell divine.

We use the Lemongrass and Lime in the living areas of our home as we have two cats, we find that this fragrance is best to remove pet odours. In the bedrooms we like to use Black Raspberry and Vanilla or Kakadu Plum which we find to be a relaxing type fragrance.

As we make and test all of our products, we can guarantee that you will love this product as much as we do. You can check out some of our other products by clicking on the heading above.

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